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We have a specialized team working directly with Clinical Research and Life Sciences.

This team is sharing by focusing on developing support for people or groups of people involved in clinical research using materials from human beings, living organisms, their life processes and their interrelationships, such as biology, medicine or ecology.

These items may include ELISA, RIA, Immunology, Equipment, Consumables, Chromatography, Chemical Reagents, Other Cells.

This group specializes in support manufacturers and potential customers in the Americas.

We have a group of people with knowledge in products such as Consumer Electronics, Small Appliances, CCTV, Artificial Intelligence, Softwares among others.

Easy Import

It is the logistics solution for imports made by Researchers and Research Entities covered by Law 8,010, dated March 29, 1990, as amended by Law 10,964, dated October 28, 2004

From anywhere in the world to Brazil - Postal operators in the countries of origin.

The importation process via Importa Fácil Ciência is subject to prior licensing submitted to CNPq for approval through the issuance of the Simplified Import Licensing (LSI). Only after acceptance of this, can the importer authorize the shipment of the consignment to Brazil.

They may use the Researchers and Research Entities service provided they are accredited in the CNPq - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development.

Direct Import

Direct imports can be carried out by researchers, entities and companies. We look for the best solution abroad for your need.

After the issue of Proforma Invoice, we negotiate with the supplier, purchase the material, consolidate the cargo if necessary and monitor shipment.

The great advantage of doing the direct import is that the importer will have access to high technology products and that in many cases there is no similar in Brazil.

Remember that in the case of companies, they must have radar.

Imports will only be granted to imports made by governmental entities that are contained in specific regulations and laws for this purpose.

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Other Vertical

Enterprise Trading International offers the best solution to customers that need the most efficient service in international businesses and logistics. Our main goal is to provide the specialized service for each situation, each necessity. Miami's strategic location and its modern and agile infrastructure make the gateway to Latin America, especially to Brazil, market where the company has great expertise.



Enterprise has acted as a leader in the aircraft parts and parts search market, it can assist with purchasing anywhere in the world at the best prices and conditions.

The focus in this market is to provide the best synergy between purchasing and logistics coordination.



Enterprise offers the link for your company to buy from the best automotive parts stores and distributors in the USA and Europe.



The company offers import operations of machinery and equipment of all kinds, such as: Forklifts, lifts and many others We are able to overcome barriers and protectionist barriers to the success of your business.

Others Sevices

In USA, the group of ETI belongs, has a warehouse equipped with all structure to attend customers that want distribute their products in American market.

The company can act as consignee in USA, coordinating with broker the customs clearance procedures and all legal documents to release the cargo.

ETI has conditions to represent your company in USA, providing:


Warehouse management






Delivery  to customers facilities

Discover the America, introduce your products in USA without care about open a new company.