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Founded in 2015 with the goal of developing activities of commerce, import and export between Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Having a multi cultural team and with extensive international experience in some of the main global market, we are always investing to deliver a competitive service of excellence to our customers.

Our location in Florida puts us in a strategic position to benefit from the state’s existing infrastructure for international commerce which includes a wide array of financing options for acitivities of commerce, insurance, freight, logistics distribution and warehousing.

Our competitive differential is our network of partners and alliances, which includes companies such as LEADERSHIP, freight specialist with international presence in countries such as USA, Colombia, Italy and Brazil; as well as strategic partnerships in Asia. This flexible structure gives us the ability to adapt to the ever changing characteristics of an extremely competitive and risky market, which demands the highest quality level in logistic operations.

In Brazil we have the capacity to support our clients with consulting in the process of import and export of consumer goods and commodities, with the possibility of importing, storing and distributing efficiently across the entire country.

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Other strategic attributes:

  • The company’s partners have American Social Security Numbers with credit scores allowing financing with the main American Banks;
  • Resale Taxes Certificate (allowing export of products acquired in the USA without payment of specific taxes);
  • License to operate an import and export operation in the entire US Territory;
  • Classified as a “Known Shipper”.


  • Mission

    Develop the import and export market between niche markets and companies, offering a reliable and competitive service.

  • Positioning

    ETI actively participates in the relationship between companies and markets offering support in the commercialization, logistic operations, co-managing the supply-chain of our customers.

  • Values

    Effectiveness based on deeply ingrained organizational knowledge and respect to international rules and regulations is a must in all activities of the company.

  • People

    Our biggest asset. Technically qualified people in all different functions and stages of logistical and distribution services are the only way we know how to achieve operational excellence.

  • Information

    Information system integrated between companies promotes the accomplishment of logistical operations in real time.

  • Results

    Commitment with operational performance leads to benefits both our company and our customers.

  • Technology

    The development of new services, the acquistion of technology and the training of people allow us to track the top market trends.

  • Security

    Investments in security for assets and merchadise of our customers to best serve our customers and avoid disruption to their suppliers, clients, and other stakeholders.